Quality Politics


Quality Politics

Edition num. 6.

La dirección de SANILABO S.L.U. ha implantado y mantiene un sistema de la calidad sobre la base de los requisitos de la norma UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015: “Sistemas de gestión de la calidad. Requisitos”, para la comercialización de productos de laboratorio e instrumentación y servicio de mantenimiento y reparación de equipos.

The aim of the quality system is to maximize the satisfaction of our customers offering a high quality service, thanks to the excellence in the internal organizational processes of the company and the internal and external communication.

For this, the quality system has the following objectives:

  • Assurance of the quality of the services provided, in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Commitment to achieve and maintain high levels of satisfaction of our customers, complying with the requirements offered to consolidate confidence in our Organization.
  • Compliance with legal, contractual, or other requirements that are applicable to our activity.
  • Effective management and control of the process of providing the service, evaluating periodically the risks and opportunities that arise.
  • Commitment to carry out our work within a management environment that guarantees continuous improvement of processes, procedures, and services.
  • Commitment to promote understanding and dissemination of our quality policy within the organization, through training and continuous communication with employees.
  • Setting objectives and monitoring compliance with them to ensure the continuous improvement of our organization.

The Quality Policy is available and communicated to all the company's employees, using also all the necessary means so that it is understood and implemented. It is also available to all relevant stakeholders.

Nizar Diab Gabri. CEO and Quality Manager.