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Introduction to cosmetic microbiology

Theoric-practical course

The correct microbiological analysis of cosmetic products is of essential importance for the quality and safety of the cosmetic industry. To this end, knowledge in specific microbiology is essential in order to provide good practices and reliability in the results.  


Carlos Jiménez.
Experto en microbiología.


Courses on demand.


In their own facilities.


995€ - For two people.
Each additional person 250€. Prices without TAX.


Duration of 3 days.
3 theoretical sessions and 3 practical sessions.


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Course for:

Managers and analysts of quality control and laboratory, technicians and auxiliary personnel responsible for the control of cosmetic products.

  1.  Properties of cosmetic products.
  2.  Current regulations for microbiological quality controls.
  3.  Preservative properties of cosmetics.
  4.  Aerobic, mold and yeast and the 5 microbiological parameters.
  5.  Media formats in microbiology.
  6.  Confirmatory tests.
  7.  Take and sample preparation.

8. Serial dilutions.

9. Counting of viable microorganisms.

10. Reading results and issuing reports.

11. Microbiological controls of production water and facilities.

12. What is a biofilm and how does it affect the industry?

13. The importance of intercomparative.

14. Do I have to validate my methods?

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