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Equipment calibration

For the calibration of the entire class of equipment we have the collaboration of the Valencian company CALTEX, experts in the sector.

CALTEX is a proven company with experience in the field of instrumentation, metrology and calibration. Its technological capacity through its Center of Metrology and calibration and the recognition of its technical competence by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) makes it a benchmark laboratory for the industry.

Calibration areas:

Weighing: Masses pattern, Balances, Scales, Hoppers, Weighing hooks, etc.

Temperature: Thermometers, Probes, Dataloggers, etc.

Humidity: Thermo-hygrometers, hygrometers, etc.

Pressure: Pressure gauges relative pressure, Pressure switches, etc.

Dimensional: Vernier caliper, Comparators, Micrometers, Patterns, etc.

Force: Force Machines in Traction and Compression.

Pair: Torque wrenches, Electronic torque measuring instruments, etc.

Electricity: Multimeters, Clamps, Meggers, Tellurometers, Multifunction, etc.

Hardness: Shore type Durometers.

Volume: Single-channel and multi-channel pipettes, Syringes, Burettes, Dilutores, etc.

Pipette calibration

Cleaning and decontamination included.

Collection and shipping without cost from 6 pipettes.

Possibility of on-site calibration (see conditions).

Possibility of calibration with ENAC certification.

We have 3 types of calibration:

– Micro: Calibration with four weighings to 2 volumes + calibration certificate.

– Medium: Calibration with ten weighings to 2 volumes + certificate of complete calibration with expression (and replacement of the O-ring if necessary).

– Macro:  Calibration according to ISO 8655 standard with 10 weighings in 3 volumes + calibration certificate with expression. Replacement of O-rings if necessary. Hermeticity and operation test.

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