We are a distribution company for laboratory products and devices based in Benetússer, Valencia. Our main clients are hospitals, private laboratories, I+D Centers and Universities. de laboratorio con sede en Benetússer, Valencia. Nuestros principales clientes son hospitales, laboratorios clínicos privados, laboratorios de industria, centros de investigación y Universidades.

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Technical service

With technical service and our maintenance plans, your equipment will always be ready when you need it.
Maintenance is saving!

Equipment calibration

We provide calibration certificates of any laboratory device, ENAC certified and traceable. In addition, we have agreements with reference companies to offer certificates.

Equipment loan

We help our customers to have the best equipment in their laboratories with the assignment of equipment adapted to their consumption in a way that helps to amortize the assignment.


This service allows to finance all purchases of laboratory equipment in a fast way (response within 48 hours), pay in convenient terms and with advantageous conditions.


Nuestro personal más cualificado imparte cursos de formación y puesta en marcha en casa del cliente del equipamiento comprado.


We work with the main transport agencies to serve our products to any country in the European Union and we have transport own for the distribution in the province of Valencia .

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25 years of experience in distribution



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